Incorporated in March of 2009 Mer et Soleil (M&S) might seem like a “wet behind the ears” upstart, but this relatively recent creation belies over 100 years of experience in the Beverage Alcohol Trade. It is this experience that M&S goes to market with everyday. These years of learning are a welcome asset in our day-to-day interaction with the four government corporations who are the defacto wholesalers in Atlantic Canada.

Mer et Soleil is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia and has an active sales team spread across the region. It is supported by a back office led by an MBA Vice-President. We work daily with the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC) and the small private retail community. Our labels can be found throughout the neighbouring provinces of New Brunswick (ANBL), Newfoundland (NLC) and Prince Edward Island (PEILCC). Our business in the Atlantic region totaled some 85,000 cases in 2009 in both fine wine and fine spirits.

We are aided in our sales and distribution efforts by an outstanding portfolio of internationally recognized brands. Although some of these brands can claim large production to support their worldwide success, most can also claim a ‘boutique’ vision essential to the identity of truly fine labels. It is under this philosophy that M&S can proudly introduce The Macallan Single Malt, Canadian Club Whisky, Courvoisier Cognacs, Cruzan Rums and Russian Standard Vodka to Atlantic Canadians. We are also very proud to represent the truly fine wines of people such as the Delegat Family of Oyster Bay Wines from New Zealand, the Arboleda Estate of Eduardo Chadwick in Chile, Donnafugata from the Rallo Family of Sicily and J-P Moueix of Bordeaux. As you look through the site, you will discover more names recognized around the world for their superior quality and heritage.

The vision of the management of Mer et Soleil is to limit our business to a small and nimble collection of suppliers. The rule of thumb is one supplier per appellation. We do not desire to have a large unwieldy ‘book’ filled with as many suppliers as possible. We partner with smaller, family-run companies that are capable of producing the very best examples of their craft and are confident enough to be part of a local market vision rather than letting worldwide goals dictate the state of their business in Atlantic Canada.

This is our goal and our vision. Mer et Soleil will not be for every supplier……… and we’re okay with that.

Mark Reynolds, President

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